Monday, 20 September 2010

Something New.

So, yes.

I haven't written on this blog for nearly 3 months, but the main reason is I've been writing a novel. 15,000 words in and it's going amazingly, so that's what I'll be channeling my writing into for a while. It's an epic story of epic friendships ;-)

Also got a PROPER web/blog site in development and that will launch in the autumn, and this blog will remain in stasis. I want to link my blog to the writing/filmmaking projects I'm working on from now on.

Also, the following has happened:

- CrimeFighters got into another film festival in Arizona, which is AWESOME. And is showing in a couple more cinemas.
- I've been working as a freelance editor on things like this music video, which beats customer service any day.
- Two businesses are setting up in York to nurture new filmmaking talent, one is MilesTone Films, to make our own projects, the other is Parashoots, run by CrimeFighters DoP Paul Richardson and film director Mark Herman.
- My short film Gallery is being directed this autumn by Paul, which I am very, very excited about.
- Zomblogalypse is coming to an end, we're filming the last bits this weekend and the Season 3 feature will be in the cinema on Hallowe'en, with DVDs for sale and a planned movie in 2012.
- More features and shorts shooting in 2011, including films about friends, detectives and epic fight sequences.

So, busy. This could very well be the last post on this blog. Slightly pointless, but I'm a completist. See you on the new site.