Wednesday, 24 March 2010

An Amazing Month, an Exciting Future.

This month has, hands down, been everything I hoped and wished for as a filmmaker and more besides. If it wasn't clear to me before why I perservere at all this, it's abundantly, joyously obvious now.

Without question, filming Zomblog Season 3 has been the most fun I've ever had filming anything. Having myself, Tony and Hannah back together and immersing ourselves in the crazy fun of making our favourite show is joyous and amazing. In fact I think I must stress that it's been the Best. Time. Ever.

The plan over the next year is to tour CrimeFighters around the UK (with a tour diary on the revamped website) and possibly the World, while unveiling Zomblog May-September, ending with a City Screen Hallowe'en premiere of the entire Season 3 as a feature, with the (previously unseen) finale and massive aftershow celebration.

We shall also be in attendance at events like THIS ONE and THIS ONE, and working to develop MilesTone Productions to the point where we can perhaps make a Zomblog movie (oh yes, folks) and head towards even bigger projects. It feels like we're further along the road than we've ever been before. There's still a way to go, but we few, we precious few, we band of buggered, feel like we're finally getting there.

Bring it on.

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