Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Picking a Project

So it's post-Edinburgh Film Festival, pre-Picturehouses cinema tour with CrimeFighters, and I'm deciding what projects to work on next. Because the worst thing now would be to rest on our laurels. And we haven't made that joke before.

You know, our... EIFF laurels? Sighhhh...

We have a slate of films lined up for shooting over the next couple of years including the P.I. and Zomblog movies in 2011/12, my short film Gallery this autumn, with my next feature Amber next spring.

At this point, as well as developing Amber, I want to be writing, writing, writing, not just for enjoyment but also to get a lot of ideas down into scripts so that they can be developed as future projects or sold for other directors to work on. There's the musical - and at the moment I'm focusing on the main song for the promo - and the two comedy horror scripts... but one popped into my head today which, inspired by recent events, is a romantic and rather sexy comedy. So that should be fun to write!

I wrote 6 pages and a treatment for the romantic comedy - which is definitely not a genre piece - which is a good day's work and about average for me. The characters came into my mind fully formed which is also a good sign, and the ending and structure of the film are very clear to me. This is the kind of script I'd love to direct with big(ish) money and some damn fine actors. It's very actory.

So I'm going to develop that over the next few weeks as well as the other things. I don't want to spread myself too thinly but these are all very distinct films with different themes that wouldn't work all rolled into one film. So they might be rolled into a dozen films instead.

Work to do...

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Matt said...

Hehe. I live my life like that. Calvin and Hobbes is amazing!