Sunday, 24 January 2010

CrimeFighters Release Date

So there you go, folks. 21st March 2010 is when CrimeFighters hits the big screen. We premiere at City Screen on Sunday 21st March in Screen 1, screening again on Tuesday 23rd March.

After the York premiere, we'll be taking the film around the country a bit to some indie cinemas who'll have us. We hope this includes London, Leeds and Bristol. It'll be on a venue by venue basis, so if you know anywhere that might want to show it, let me know.

After that, Picturehouses have told us we might have the chance of returning to City Screen for a longer run, and possibly in the other cinemas in the group. That's thinking ahead, but it's a distinct possibility and depends on how well the film does at the premiere and the other cinemas.

So, stick those dates in your diary and spread the word, because we want this to be big, we want the film to be popular... and we want to pay our investors back.

Tickets are not yet on sale but we'll announce when they are. My favourite moment is when the quad poster gets put up in the foyer...

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