Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A High-Density Production Day

This is what happened today:

- CrimeFighters tickets went on sale.

- I gathered the wild tracks (sound with no dialogue) for sound editing on CFs and sent them to Miami where one of our sound guys Alan is editing a third of the film.

- I started work proper on the second CFs trailer, which is about 25% done at the end of the day.

- I had a phone meeting with Darren of 2 Baldies FX to discuss Zomblog 3's complicated prosthetic effects.

- Tony, Paul and I had a meeting about the first test screening of CFs at the cinema in three weeks, and the work we have to do before then including Second Unit stuff (mostly single shots to slot into the edit to match up shots).

- I had a hangover.

It's days like this that bring it home to me the amount of work we've done/are planning to do so that we can have days like this; finishing off a feature film and starting up a new series. I goddamn love it.

Also, yesterday Tony and I discussed the two space films we're planning scripts for, and realised they could potentially make one big space epic. I've got characters I like but no story, he's got a great story. And it'll be in 3D. Ok we didn't say that, but who knows...

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