Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Last Few Shots of CrimeFighters

What, you thought just because we were having a premiere that we'd finished the film? Don't be SILLY!

Tomorrow we're off out to grab a few small but vital images to put the final pieces in the jigsaw (or edit, as it's called by normal people) including shots of buildings, some panaoramic shots of York we didn't get to our satisfaction the first time (ok there was dirt on the lens), some mock newspaper headlines... and a shot of a man in a garage. The glamour.

Plus, a calling card with a familiar logo:

After that, it really is over, but the fat lady won't be singing for a few weeks.


Mike Diaz said...

Impressive trailer, can't wait to see the finished product!


Mike Ritchie said...

You mean I've bought my ticket and the film isn't even finished?!

Hope the remaining shots go well in that case ;)

~ Mike

Miles said...

Thanks Mike 1, yours looks fascinating! Nice trailer.

Mike 2, all done now ;-)