Thursday, 3 September 2009

CrimeFighters Phase 2: Tapes and Pickups.

Here's what we're left with after 2 weeks of shooting:

Well, seeing as Tony's editing the film, it's him (he?) that has to deal with all these. Thankfully Tony captures tapes in his sleep and edits them even quicker, and having seen the rough cut and worked on the trailer with him, I can say we have nothing to worry about. Well, apart from doing all the sound, and arranging reshoots, and blah blah blah.

Speaking of which, I'll be going round York finalising a few extra locations for pickups and 2nd Unit stuff (shots without actors, establishing shots and so forth), to create a big nerdy dossier for the cast and crew when we all gather to finish the film in the last week of October. Here's one of them:

Oh yes. Rooftops. Cameras. Hopefully not apocalyptic rain storms like we had this week.

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