Friday, 25 September 2009

Messages from Heroes

It's always nice when someone you admire turns out to be not only NOT a complete douche (they do say don't meet your heroes), but just as awesome, nice and supportive as you hoped they might be.

Two of these people are Jed and Maurissa Whedon, who have replied to messages I've written them about our various projects. Another is Edgar Wright, who has on several occasions taken the time to reply to a message I've sent or given words of advice or support on various projects.

Yesterday Felicia Day replied to a message I sent her about Zomblog, saying that it sounded awesome and she'd like me to send her a link to the show. Now, I know it's not that massive a deal, but it kind of is to us, since she is one of the people who inspired us to make Zomblog, through her web series The Guild and one she's in called Legend Of Neil, both of which are pretty much made for no money. Legend of Neil is particularly hilariously stupid and brilliantly vulgar.

As a hard-up but hard-working filmmaker, these little nuggets of hope and support go a hell of a long way, and help us to see ourselves less as idiots with camcorders (which we'll always be to some extent) but more as part of a group of filmmakers involved in forging a new path of creativity. Ok, 'path of creativity' sounds really cheesy, but allow us some cheese, we're starving. For the first time, the future seems bright and shiny, even though the horizon seems to shift a few feet every time we run toward it. Yay, TV for the web though!

Let's just hope one day I can get Joss Whedon to watch CrimeFighters. Now that would be something.

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