Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Sound Design & Photo Fight Storyboards

Met with Dan today, who recorded sound on CrimeFighters and will be doing the sound edit & mix with me after pickups. We met today to discuss the sound design of the film, from creepy echoes and footsteps to the sounds of bikes, skates and fights, and how the music will fit into the scenes to enhance your viewing pleasure. Sound is absolutely one of my favourite parts of filmmaking, and we'll be going out to record foley (sound effects and elements that replace quiet or unusable parts of the film) in the coming weeks.

Then met Kung Fu Chris and Tony to go over the remaining fight scene we have to shoot in October. Chris and Tony took the lead in this one because they're experts at creating fight scenes, and from what we've already shot, that much is clear. Take a look at the storyboards we did, using Tony and Chris as various characters from the film (Chris makes a particularly convincing Ella).
Have begun storyboarding most of the rest of the pickups shoot as well, so everything's visual for me and the camera crew. It's been great having a bit of a break between shoots so that we know exactly what gaps we need to fill come October. Apparently George Lucas always plans to shoot 10% of the film in pickups as he doesn't know what he needs until he's watched the first rough cut. Makes sense, although we have about 30% more to shoot I reckon!

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