Friday, 11 September 2009

A week or so with pictures of things.

It hath been a nice week or so, and here are some wordlings and pick-chers to prove it.

Tony and I and a bunch of zombies gathered together to film the Season 2 Finale of Zomblogalypse:

I always say this but it really was the most fun ever; the zombies were staggeringly (ha) good and the FX team, made up of 2 Baldies FX guys Ian and Darren who've blown up several of our friends' heads and outdid themselves this time, with the assistance of Pete from Millennium FX (he's worked on Batman Begins, The Wolfman, Harry Potter and Dr. Who, we can boast, well he can boast) and the awesome Dani, who did some disgustingly real decaying effects on people's faces. After the explosive finale, in which we redecorated Tony's lounge with bits of Emma and Arron:

...I sodded off to Dorset for a week of parental hangage, that's hanging out with them, not murdering them, had a filling, and went to the beach. Not all on the same day though. Also went to Athelhampton, the big house where they filmed Sleuth with Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine:

If you haven't seen the film, it's ace. So, a week of nice relaxing... niceness, but also a week of thinking about upcoming filmmaking projects, listening to the AMAZING CrimeFighters score music Hayley and Sam have been unveiling over the past few weeks, and planning CFs post-production:

That includes pickups, rough cut deadlines, music mixing, etc... so much to do and having a holiday has made me want to get on with it. And so I will. Trailer next week.

And I really want to move house. Waiting, waiting...

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