Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Factory of Unprofessional Sound

That's what they call it anyway, Hayley and Sam; their outhouse where they make all their music that sounds anything but unprofessional.

We headed down there tonight to work on some of the music for CrimeFighters. They've already done a kick-ass main theme and trailer music plus something more romantic, and we were working on one of those subtler themes this evening. Subtle but a lot of fun.

Here's Hayley about to put the finishing touches on using her drum and cymbal skills. She got a little carried away and had to be... carried away.

Fun times. I love post-production, although as we're technically mid-production it's not really post, but still a calm, creative joy. Can't wait to paste the music and images together and see if they work... on which note, we're working on the trailer and the new website tomorrow!

Also watched a Ghibli double bill of Nausicaa and Laputa. Absolutely wonderful, makes me want to escape to my own land. Oh wait, I already live there.

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