Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Notes from Limboland.

I knew making CrimeFighters would be hard work and tiring and rewarding and all that, I just never realised how weird it would feel afterwards.

It's taken at least a week to get my mind back to proper speed, and even as I plan pickups week for October, it's bizarre how everything kind of fell away while I was shooting and we were all so focused on making the film that now we're left with this weird surreal aftermath where none of us have quite known what to do, or been quite able to let go.

Now that a week's passed, I've started making plans again; not just CrimeFighters plans, but plans to film the next two episodes of Zomblog, plans to move house, plans to visit my parents in Dorset, pay bills, sell things, work at the cinema, see friends, see movies, listen to music, and it's reminded me how when you're focused on one thing you can totally neglect everything else, and then when you're done and your mind starts coming back to the here and now, to your life, everything gradually creeps back in.

I've said this before, but I know the world doesn't hold its breath while we make our films, it just feels like we do, and when a project is complete, or takes a break, there's this strange kind of numbness that replaces every other feeling you were having planning and making the film.


It's gradually coming back to me though, the life I had before CrimeFighters. It didn't take long, ho ho.

Last August I had a shit month and I took time off work and came up with Zomblog and CrimeFighters out of that period of stress and a feeling of being lost. And now, a year later I can reflect on how lucky we were during the shoot, and how much help we had from everybody, and also how much I love doing Zomblog and how odd it'll feel making it, compared to the crazy intensity of CrimeFighters. We will need a little more help to finish the film, so please do help us again.

I dunno, I'm feeling oddly sentimental today.

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