Saturday, 3 October 2009

It's October!

And suddenly it's three weeks until CrimeFighters pickups, four weeks until the Zomblog finale on Hallowe'en, and I move house, and everything needs to be done. But it's okay, I like being busy.

Here are a few October deadlines:

9th: Rough screening of CrimeFighters for me and some of the crew.
15th: Foley and sound work for CrimeFighters, as well as 2nd Unit stuff like shots around town with no actors. All storyboards and prep done for the CFs pickups week.
20th: Zomblog Season 2 Finale edited and ready to test screen.
23rd: Pickups begin for CrimeFighters.
30th: LAST day of CrimeFighters, let's hope we get everything...
31st: Zomblog Hallowe'en screening plus Season 3 zombie footage at the York Zombie Walk.

Better get on with it, hadn't I...



Teresa Stenson said...

You are surely the most productive of all the creatives in the world.

Keep your head on for all this, won't you? I hate it when it falls off. Could work well for Hallowe'en and any Zomblog shooting, though.

Miles said...

I shall try my dear, it's the only way to proceed. And you're pretty durn productive yourself aren't you, Miss 'I Keep Getting Published' ;-)