Friday, 9 October 2009

Compulsive Notebook Collecting & Inspiring Things

As you can see from the below picture, I collect notebooks. I don't know how to describe the feeling of buying a new notebook other than it feels like being really organised, but it also brings with it the idea that I might fill this one with amazing ideas that wipe the floor with all my previous ideas. Although TP suggests I should call it 'The Illusion of Control'. Him better with words than wot me am. That about sums it up, in fact that sums filmmaking up.

Sadly, it's just because I have a problem. The small black moleskine-esque notebook on the bottom right has been going since 2004 and is quite interesting as it contains notes for the first feature I was going to make but didn't (it was called ReInvention), then a road movie which became BandWagons, then ideas for Zomblog and also lots of short film ideas that haven't yet happened. There are storyboards and scribbles and promise and ideas and so forth. And it's still only half full after 5 years. The others aren't even close to half full. And yesterday I found myself craving another notebook, then got this little lot together and decided to start my own stationery shop.

Or, maybe not. I did decide to write a list of things that are currently inspiring me, as this kind of thing helps me to gather my thoughts and think about the creative process which I find endlessly fascinating.

Brand new Notebooks (in case you weren't sure)
Swapping music and films with friends
Seeing two matinee films in the afternoon
Discovering a new band recommended by a friend
Meeting new people
Falling in and out of love



Jessica said...


I came across from Teresa's blog.

I love notebooks too. I like your Tintin one :) I know what you mean about craving for a new notebook. I have two 'on the go' and three empty ones but I keep finding myself drifting into stationery shops searching for the 'perfect' notebook!


Miles said...

Hi Jessica

I know, it's a strange quest isn't it, I guess it depends on your mood and the project you're working on. I may design my own filmmaker's notebook, with sections for notes and storyboards and... man, time to search online for one of those right away!