Thursday, 22 October 2009

Twas the Day Before Shooting... Again

Suddenly it's the day before we start shooting CrimeFighters again, and I can't wait.

What better way to get up to speed than a day of 2nd unit stuff. After some panic about where all the costumes were...

(yep, found the masks) we got some close-up stonework for the opening title sequence...

...then went right up the Minster to get some aerial stuff for various scenes. And I got mild vertigo. But it was worth it.

Pretty, huh. We'll be filming down there on Monday night, oh hurrah.

Paul and Ian getting some lovely shots from halfway up the Minster.

I'm very excited about cracking on with the film and let's hope finishing it by this time next week. Tomorrow, one backyard and a hosepipe. To be continued...

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