Sunday, 25 October 2009

Day 3: Extreme Violence on a Sunday

This was the first time I've been to church on Sunday since I was about 12. St. Martin's is such a cool building. The belfry looks like something designed by Anton Furst for the first Batman movie:

We weren't filming up there though, we were in the main church for some fight pickups in which several obliging gentlemen got the snot kicked out of them by the CrimeFighters...

During some spectacular fight moves, Debbie managed to actually punch Ryan in the face a bit, and after 12 hours of dolly tracks, hazers, light bulbs popping, malfunctioning generators and some kung fu, we wrapped for this location, which is a very nice feeling.

Tomorrow is the night everyone's not-so-secretly been dreading; the finale of the finale, the Minster scene, which we've already shot 2 nights' worth of footage for, comprising 75 out of 100 shots. Tomorrow we return to finish the job. Or die trying.

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