Thursday, 29 October 2009

Days 6 & 7: Wi' Crammin

We have one goal now; to finish this film, this week. And so we shall, because through the fatigue and the insomnia, the madness and the stress, we are all determined to get to the end. The crew and cast were on top form as we got shot after shot, scene after scene. Because it's now or never.

We filmed outside El Piano and on the Shambles, two scenes from very early on in the film which we've saved til last. Weird. But those two locations were both a joy to film in, thanks to the generosity of the staff of various restaurants and businesses letting us use their power and generally being delightful. Thanks to John, Jonic and Sally.

After that, and if someone had said we'd be having a FOURTH night by York Minster I would have punched them out, we returned to get a few last shots of that sequence inclusing a massive crane shot:

Just look at this bad baby.

Wrapped at 3am and realised that's the last time we have to do that shit. WOO! Kudos to the Dean Court Hotel who have the best manager and night porter in the world, David and Derek. I'm going to owe most of York a bottle of wine or two after this...

The next day we went back to the Minster... although from a safe distance on the rooftops:

As we're doing thanks, The Habit get kudos on this one. After that it was back to City Screen basement to do some green screen shots, which are awesome fun and about as stressful as putting on a hat, which is most welcome at this stage.

So you just shoot the actor against the wall, light them all nice like, and you can just stick a background in later.

At this point the crew started asking why we hadn't just done the whole film like this. Next one, I promise.

Tomorrow... the end.

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