Saturday, 24 October 2009

Day 2: It Never Rains... when you need it

But when you don't, it does. Actually we were pretty lucky today, we just managed to squeeze a whole scene in before the heavens opened, but we had this nifty gazebo thingy to shelter us.

This was at 9am and we all had second day fatigue, where the insanity that carries you through the process hasn't quite set in and you just feel TIRED. A lovely scene by the river with Emma and Harry though, see how much Emma enjoyed it:

After escaping to the City Screen basement - during which, annoyingly, it stopped raining and went all sunny - we filmed some cool dolly shots from earlier scenes, and revisited a previously shot scene to get some extra moments, then headed back to the alley behind my house to get the rest of last night's rain scene. During which we had to simulate the rain. Oh, irony. Oh and we tortured Paul (Pip) by making him fall in puddles for an hour.

All told, not bad for a 15 hour day. Tomorrow we're going to church. But not to pray; to stage an awesome fight scene. We are such heathens.

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