Wednesday, 14 October 2009

CrimeFighters Second Unit Shoot

Second Unit is all the stuff in a film that generally involves no actors and nothing much happening, but is essential to the film. Things like atmosphere shots of streets, sunsets, people, buildings and so forth.

In the case of CrimeFighters the Second Unit list consists of lots of shots from, and of, CCTV cameras around York, watching everything. So, lots of POV images of people milling about, landmarks, atmospheres. That's the easy stuff.

Here's Paul lining up a shot...

Nice view, huh? Rooftops are great, it's cool being on top of the world, so to speak, seeing your town from a different perspective.

Next week we'll be doing a few more complicated shots like a cutaway in a bookshop that isn't really in a bookshop, someone watching a TV image of footage we've already filmed, a few buildings and streets looking pretty/menacing/pretty menacing, and various other shots that are pretty dull but necessary.

Even in the pickups, which start next week, the shoot has become more about 'crossing shots off a list' than ever. It doesn't sound very creative but that comes in the way you shoot and cut these images together. And the jigsaw is gradually taking shape. But today was also cool because we got to work out new angles in scenes we haven't shot yet, so it all feels fresh and new, and I'm excited about making the film again.


Teresa Stenson said...

Just watched this and hurt my belly laughing and thought of you:

Teresa Stenson said...

Sorry - that's not at all related to your blog or your filmmaking!

I was a little, ahem, tipsy when I posted that.

Miles said...

Yeah but it's always worth seeing that ;-)