Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A Constructive Waste of Time

A classic day of working, and working to avoid work. Managed to do a bit of writing on one short screenplay, and started writing dialogue for the other. The way I usually work is to write down all the ideas for the screenplay with dialogue excerpts and then build them up into scenes, so for example these are random notes:

So he is cleaning up one day and the girl appears and they talk
Looking for something
Needs a lot of help

(and then here is some dialogue thrown in)

What about this line, where did this come from?

That comes from... (whatever the character's called)

(and then another scribbled note):

Sometimes you know what to do.

So that's how I work. And then also, while checking Facebook and making lots of plans for the months ahead:

I also take time out occasionally to design something like this, which is what I like to call a constructive waste of time, as in, worth doing, but something to avoid what I'm supposed to be doing.

I've really enjoyed the whole Grindhouse thing, and recently saw a website with Grindhouse-style posters of famous films. Some great ones in there, here are some of my faves:

I think I love them because they remind me when cinemas were grubby and slightly squalid, rather than the swish, high-tech movie theatres we have these days.

That's it for now. Tomorrow, a CrimeFighters screening and video blog!

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