Thursday, 3 December 2009

MilesTone Studios

This is the closest we’re going to get, for now, to a production studio. Over in Tony’s room, he’s hard at work editing the pickups footage into the CrimeFighters rough cut, which currently stands at an hour:

Meantime, down the hall I’ve been designing prop newspapers with headlines about our vigilante heroes:

…and compiling and editing Hayley and Sam’s awesome music:

I’ve also been going through the script with a fine toothcomb to make sure we haven’t forgotten to film anything. All those coloured tabs represent a shot that we need to pick up in January; most are shots of things like newspapers and buildings.

Look at the state of that script. That’s just from pickups, not even the main shoot. Disgracefully grubby business, filmmaking. Tomorrow, we’re going to be doing one of my favourite things; sound effects!

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