Saturday, 5 December 2009

A Short Film About Women

The short I'm writing for Paul to direct next year is proving pretty theraputic to work on.

Drawing on my own befuddled attitudes toward relationships of any kind with the opposite sex is a lot of fun and is also allowing me the chance to work out the kinks in the single life without resorting to morals like 'There is someone for everyone', and other sentimental views I have been known to lean towards, that aren't helpful or even that truthful.

Being single is deeply misunderstood, by me I have to confess. It is often seen as the less desirable alternative to being in a relationship. But when you weigh up the pros and cons of being with someone or not, it's often a case of 'Grass is always greener'. See, there's another cliche that is also not going to be the moral of the script.

I want this film to be food for thought as well as an entertaining and honest account of a guy who has some very close and very awesome female friends, and what happens after speaking to all of them about love and relationships. There is a little bit of hopeful dreaming thrown in there of course, but at the end of 20 minutes or so I'd like people to go away with a few suggestions of what it all means, rather than trite answers.

So a first draft should be finished in the next couple of weeks, along with the full rough cut of CrimeFighters, thanks to Tony. All very satisfying, and not just creatively, since both projects represent considerable emotional investment. That's why I love writing. It's a chance to make sense of things that often don't.

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