Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sound Design 3: Garage-phonics

Dan and I headed to my garage this afternoon to make lots of stupid noises with various props. Or foley as it's called.

CrimeFighters has great on-set sound but there are always things missing when it comes to edit, like background atmosphere, chatter (since you spend most of the shoot telling people to make no noise at all) and various clunks, thunks and everyday noises that aren't all there on the original soundtrack and have to be added.

One of the effects we wanted to get was the sound of Emma's rollerblades as she skates along, a memorable clack-clack-clack that we can speed up and slow down depending on whether she's idling through the park or escaping bad guys. Here's the kit we used for that:

We also tried this:

We tried a few different things for the sound of a knife being caught, and who would have thought that a banana sounded LESS like a knife being caught than an actual knife being caught. Hmm.

As the list grew...

Miss Batty turned up to do some walking and heavy breathing noises from the very first scene in which she's mugged, which we shot without sound.

This was the most fun thing to do though. Destructive by nature.

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