Sunday, 6 December 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you, Tree, of This Writer's Life fame, for nominating me for this :

To honour this award I must do the following 7 things:
-thank Tree
-link to her blog
-copy 'Kreativ Blogger' image to my blog

-tell you 7 interesting things about me:

* I have always felt like a complete outsider in just about every situation.

* I can do the best Homer Simpson impression.

* Outside of filmmaking, I have been a video store clerk, a waiter, a cinema usher, a theatre box office manager, a theatre marketing assistant, an art salesman (for a day), a record store clerk, a marketing manager for a publishing house, a bookseller, a University lecturer and a twat.

* From 1996-2000 a friend and I ran our own theatre company and performed a two-man comedy show at the Edinburgh Festival.

* The first feature film I edited was called 'Al' and screened at City Screen in 2000.

* I have three scars on my head from childhood; one from falling onto a brick wall, one from falling off a climbing frame, and one from falling out of a tree. Also a scar on my nose from falling off the stage onto the corner of a metal table during a school play, another on my arm from falling onto a nail, and two on my left hand from falling through my glass front door. I was a clumsy child.

* I have visited Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Florida, Crete, Italy and France, but still long to visit Japan & New Zealand.

- nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers and link to their blogs. Here goes, and don't forget to click on all the wonderful links:

* Miss Teresa Stenson, a fellow writer and an inspiration to us all. Tree has proved to everyone, and more importantly herself, that stamina and luck are a writer's best friends. I adore her.

* Elle is an artist, singer and all-round awesome lady who deserves to get where she's going and then some. She fronts the band Honeytone Cody, loved by and recently played alongside Charlotte Hatherley and who are in my opinion the best band in York, but also anywhere in a while.

* Mr. Ben Popel is a gifted artist who is terrifyingly talented for one so young. He creates wonderful images of wit and beauty that should and will be gracing posters, books and walls the World over.

* Darren and Ian at 2 Baldies FX, two gentlemen who are, may I say, SHIT HOT at what they do, even though they don't do it for a living. They joined our filmmaking team this year on our zombie web series Zomblogalypse and have astounded me with their skilful, gory make-up effects. Plus, two nicer and more down-to-Earth chaps you could not hope to meet.

* The Sorry Kisses, a wonderful band made up of Hayley Hutchinson and Sam Forrest, who are not only fantastic musicians in their own right, and not only make insanely catchy songs, but also just created the entire soundtrack for my new feature film CrimeFighters. At home. In a shed. Why they don't rule the planet by now is quite beyond me.

* Ceri is one of the loveliest chaps I know, and always turns up when we're filming our zombie web series to be a classic Romero-esque zombie, but also creates a very funny comic strip called Blake & Tyson (Link not working at the time of posting, sadly).

* Finally, I'm going to nominate a gentleman who is an inspiration to all of us filmmakers, both in his wonderful creations Spaced and Shaun of the Dead, but also in his blog, which he rabidly updates while still finding time to make one of the most eagerly anticipated films of my lifetime, Scott Pilgrim. All hail Edgar Wright.

- now go and tell those 7 people that they are Kreativs.


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