Saturday, 11 July 2009

The Cat Factor & Other Tales of CrimeFighters

When I wrote the script for CrimeFighters I wrote that one of the characters, Daisy, who owns a boutique, has an ever-present cat who sits in the shop and watches people come and go. I didn't really think much about it until it came time to make the scenes pratical for shooting, and wondered whether we were actually going to get a cat or not.

So today I was in a nice shop browsing around when a beautiful grey cat wandered in and started saying hello to the customers. Upon enquiring I was told the cat belonged to a cafe down the road, and I went there to ask if they fancied letting the cat be in the shop scenes, as the shop we're filming in is practically next door to the cafe. The owners were lovely and said that the cat - who's called Drobo and is not even a year old - was already a bit of a local star and would love to be in the film as long as he could have his own trailer.

No, they didn't say that but I'm so glad we can actually have a cat in the shop scenes because it's one of those nice little touches that adds so much to scenes like that. Daisy's shop, which in reality is called Purple Haze, is absolutely beautiful and unique as it is, and is going to go well with the character of Daisy. And the cat is a part of that.

Just reminds me of how in 12 Monkeys, Terry Gilliam was so obsessed with making sure the hamster in the wheel looked right that he made Bruce Willis wonder why they were doing so many takes. It's that attention to detail - or in this case character - that adds so many little layers to the film and makes the universe we've created a delight to live in. I think Drobo may steal the show. Or at least make Debbie (Daisy) sneeze a lot since she's allergic to cats.

But then pain is temporary, film is forever.


Teresa Stenson said...



I'm feeding someone's cat at the end of July!


Ha - you can use that when you're directing the scenes with the cat!

But you cannot direct a cat.

Miles said...

And apparently Debbie was just kidding about being allergic. Little tinker.