Thursday, 23 July 2009

Putting the Lights in Lights, Camera, Action

Another day of planning, another day of realising just how much we have to do. But in a truly good way.

Paul and I spent yesterday afternoon in some of the film locations working out lighting techniques so that when we go into each of the locations we know where the lights are going to go, what effect they'll create, what they do to skin tone and walls, and so forth. Absolutely fascinating, because I've never done lighting to this extent before and I'm learning so much.

For example, how you can take a location you walk past every day and turn it into something that looks like a film set, or rather, a dramatic location. Just with a few well-chosen lights and a clever angle and a nice lens, something boring transforms into something amazing.

Having a Director of Photography on board the production; one who composes each shot, chooses the best lights and lens and angle for each shot, means you have to do twice (or more) as much work, but the results are ten times as good. That's not a proven equation, in case anyone tries to work it out. We are shooting this film somewhat guerilla style, but that doesn't mean it has to look like it.

The resulting film, rather than being just good, should look great, cinematic, and be worth all the extra planning. As Paul said, everything is in place and the only way the film can be bad now is if he and I fuck it up!

So, no pressure at all...


Teresa Stenson said...

This post made me think of how sometimes you might see on a "DVD extras" section or maybe on a TV programme about a "making of" a scene from a film where it looks really hollow and ordinary and normal, then they do like a magic thing and show it to you where it's all become "a film".

Is that what you mean? The magic. Ah. Magic. You are dealing in magic. No skill or talent, just magic ;)

(I've never done one of them winks before.)

Miles said...

Yeah, kinda, although we watched some test footage today and that was a perfect example of when you watch something and have to explain afterwards that no, it's going to look a lot cooler than that. What I really meant in this case was Paul and Dan's ability to light a boring room