Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Episode IV: A New Blog.

Geeky enough title for ya?

On the advice of a good friend I've decided to blog on a proper blog site rather than Myspace, which I don't think gets many hits really. This might not either, but the layout makes more sense. If you'd like to catch up on this year's blogging, head to my Myspace site.

Here's the last written blog I did, just to start us off:

Riding the Waves

I don't know what else to call it; the waves that happen when you're prepping a film project, or probably any large project that relies on a lot of work and a lot of people, and eventually boils down to one day or a small amount of time where it's all supposed to come together.

Even if you keep the vision close to you and keep going, doing all the little jobs that are necessary, week in week out, there are going to be times when you wonder if you can do it, or when you have dips in the enthusiasm and energy. At times like that the only thing to do is back off, watch something or listen to something or talk to someone inspirational, or perhaps nothing to do with filmmaking at all, then wait for the next wave to hit you and go with it.

The wave can come in the form of a person, a thought or a sound or smell, but whatever the spark of inspiration is, it ignites the passion for the project again and you're off and running. This week my energies are really focused elsewhere, worries and life things that are draining energy from making CrimeFighters. But thankfully this week's inspiration came in the form of Tall Paul and his commitment to the film.

Paul is on board and we have a plan for the next month and a bit which includes going round all the locations with cameras and lights and planning shots, screening them on the big screen and developing the visual style of the film. This way we can see what works and what doesn't and not get any nasty shocks when we're shooting and watching back the footage. Also, we get to play around making the film out of the pressured environment of the actual shoot. In other words, we get to make the film before we make the film.

Paul said that he feels that we're 'primed' the make this film, in terms of where we are and what we've done before. It's a big deal, but we want it to be a big fun deal, something to get engrossed in. Yay. I love filmmaking, I do.

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