Tuesday, 14 July 2009

CrimeFighters Test Shoots

Last night and today we went to some of the locations around York where we'll be filming CrimeFighters, to rough out some scenes, rehearse with the actors and test the shots for lighting and practicality. This is an invaluable process because it's the last stop before actually making the film; you go to the places you'll be revisiting a few weeks later, and work out shots, come up with some new ones, test your ideas and get creative with the environment.

Getting Paul Richardson (Tall Paul) on board has brought it home how much work there is to do, and how much fun it's going to be doing it. Paul is NOT a graduate from the school of 'Ah well, that'll do' where I was schooled, he wants to get every shot as good as it can be, yet within the time constraints of a tight shoot and a tighter budget. Thankfully, Paul and I are on the same wavelength regarding how much to analyse each scene, when to try and push for better shots and sequences, and, perhaps most importantly, when to move on.

Last night we were in an alley that felt like it could have been a film set from a Burton Batman movie, a not entirely unintentional or undesired aesthetic! Today we were shooting around the Minster, which offers a cornucopia of fascinating filming possibilities. As much as possible, when shooting by the Minster, you have to get the Minster in shot. It's just too beautiful.

Over these next 4 weeks until production begins, our aim is to shoot all or nearly all the film in a rough yet helpful draft version, so that we know exactly what shots we'll be going for each day.

This dedication to detail is that 'next level' I've talked about getting to as a filmmaker, and CrimeFighters is already shaping up to be a brilliantly challenging experience as a director. We also took some cheesy pictures of ourselves for the Press article that's coming soon. Check em out.

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