Sunday, 12 July 2009

Filming Zomblog Episode 10

10! TEN! Can't believe we're into double figures. Can't believe we're nearly at the end of season/series 2.

Today was another awesome shoot with Ian and Darren of 2 Baldies FX and their box of tricks, this time including a bag of guts, a pull-apart body and... well, wouldn't want to spoil it, so I'll shush.

Here's a sneaky peek though. Okay, it doesn't give anything away, but check the apocalypsey vibe:

It's so much fun working with a cast and crew so dedicated to hard work and fun, and Episode 10 really is going to be something special. After that, a slightly less gory Episode 11 filming in August and then the big finale, filming in September and launching at City Screen on Hallowe'en, 1 year since the whole thing began.

I've said this before and I'll say it again; I frickin love filmmaking, and days like this only make me more certain of it. It's backyard filming (literally, today) with your mates and a bunch of film nuts, and not only getting lots of amazing footage but having a genuinely fun and memorable day.

So thanks to Darren, Ian, Steve, Josh, Paul 1, Phil, Rory, Tony, Tree and Paul 2. You made it the best filming day ever. I always say this as we wrap every episode, but I can't WAIT to see this one...


2baldiesfx said...

Cheers Miles, it was a realy fun day , ive never got so much blood and guts on me ...ever. the whole gang were wicked , just a pleasure to be there and help. cant wait for the cine world halloween thing. gotta be zom'd up for that .

Miles said...

You guys really went for it with the acting as well as the make-up, it all looked amazing.

Tony's actually already done a rough cut which I'll be looking at tonight, so as soon as we have something to show you, we will!

Teresa Stenson said...

I second that - about it being an ace day. Thank you 2baldies- I'm going to write a bit of something on my blog about it all soon (don't fret Miles, I won't give anythin away).

And was that toffee or caramel I realised my hair smelt of on my way home? Something in the fake blood I think (oh well - could have been worse)

2baldiesfx said...

it was most likely maple golden syrup Teresa, we have the best tasting edible blood i reckon, dont think anyone escaped a bit of splat even our trusty helping hand Josh(good lad!). Cheers Miles its always a pleasure dishing the gore and fx makeup, we re hopefully doin your films some justice!

Teresa Stenson said...

Yes - maple golden syrup it was indeed!

I'm just about to email you the bulk of the photos I took. Hope they're not too big, I haven't worked out how to compress them.

2baldiesfx said...

Tree all you have to do is right click on the pic you wanna compress click the zip and e-mail option, you need a free program like winzip to do tha though. it a free download and pretty good. and yeah it was tate and lyle maple flavour golden syrup, we use it as a base for blood, that and toffee sauce.