Thursday, 9 July 2009

Character Chatting

What a stupid title, sounds like a pretentious article on Radio 4 presented by Alan Partridge.

But that's what I did the other day; chatted (in Starbucks, cos I'm a sucker for the occasional caramel macchiato) with Harry and Curt who are playing the characters of Ethan and Curt respectively in my film CrimeFighters. Their roles are smallish but key in that they drive much of the plot and the emotions of the main character; Ella. Ethan is her ex and Curt is her boss and present the two sides of Ella's dilemma. I like it! Ella's Dilemma.


Always fun to develop characters with the actors playing them; we came up with lots of little character tics and nuances (I sound like Woody Allen) that will help the actors play the characters and also add much to the scenes they have with Emma, who's playing Ella. Is this a really badly worded blog? Ah well.

Next week we'll be delving deep into the characters of the main trio. There are 4 weeks of pre-production left which is exciting and scary but the time is coming to stop planning this film and make it. And one of the things you can really get into during filming is the performances and directing actors. I think too much rehearsal can sap the energy and fun of film acting. It's going to be quite an adventure.

I've realised I can't end a blog without a film trailer-type statement. In a time... of filmmaking...

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