Tuesday, 21 July 2009

It's All Coming Together...

Yes indeed. In a most satisfying way. Actors learning lines (sort of, ha), camera angles looking nice, logistics becoming more... well, logical, funny little moments worked out and a sense of a complete production for about the first time all year.

It's weird, this pre-production lark. The more you plan, the more of a favour you're doing yourself when it comes to shooting. But there comes a point where you start thinking, 'When are we gonna shoot the damn thing?' and that time is... soon. Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad we have three more weeks of prep to get many, many things sorted properly, like a few location decisions, costumes, props, those darn logistics again, etc.

But now we really are at that stage where it's becoming less about a general plan and more of a list of specifics; dates, times, people, props, angles, lighting, so forth. Not to mention our musicians Hayley and Sam beginning to work on the music, Charlotte and Debbie getting the costumes and props together, Paul and I working out who's going to capture and rough cut the footage as we shoot (Tony), mix the sound, all that quite important stuff.

For the first time I think, since writing the script, I can see the whole picture. And though I shall keep the gushy 'I'd like to thank...' Oscar speechery to a minimum, it's all down to the uber-talented cast and crew working on the film. I'm now looking forward to us all having a fun yet exhausting time in August and, one day, sitting back to enjoy all our hard work.

Not least to enjoy Debbie's hand-knitted CrimeFighters masks (cute) ...

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