Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Another High-density Production Day

This is the last week of pre-production, it really is, and I can't believe it. In the space of a year this has gone from idea for web series to feature film about to shoot.

I'm glad we're shooting it now, too. You can plan and plan and prepare and rehearse to the point where you start craving to shoot the damn thing, if only so you never have to think about that shoot day again! Plus, ya know, planning a film is very important, but I want to start shooting footage now. I'm just glad we're (pretty) organised for what is going to be a lot of work.

So today we rehearsed, blocked, costumed, lit, shot, and er... discussed catering, and drank lots of coffee, and lots of little loose ends were tied up. The best part for me was going to the location we're using for the CrimeFighters hideout, which is an abandoned church that is absolutely awesome and just about the most perfect location for the film, straight from the pages of the script. So exciting.

The other best bit was getting two massive movie lights out into a courtyard to light it and see what it looked like through the funky film lenses, and it looked amazing, all cinematic and noirish and here are some photos:

Tomorrow I'm shooting a music video for Nine Black Alps, always fun, and then a few more days of preproduction including shot lists with Paul, some final details and loose ends to tie up, and then getting ready to shoot! Better get some rest...

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