Sunday, 23 August 2009

Days 12-14: Basements, Bookshops and Cop Shops

Well forgiiiiiiiiiiiiiive meeeeeeeeeee for not updating the blog these past few days, we've had some crammed days of filming, so here's an update.

On Day 12 we started shooting in the basement of City Screen which we thought would take 2 days but actually took 3. The results however; a long denouement scene where characters intertwine and plots thicken, is a collection of masterfully composed shots (credit to the crew) and some funny and touching character moments from the cast. Here's a gallery of crappy phone photos of our stint in my place of employment:

On Day 13 we made a corridor look like a police station...

...and on Day 14 we filmed in Borders which was weird since I used to work there and had to deal with a customer asking if she could pay at the info desk, to which I replied, 'The tills are downstairs', out of habit. Funniest bit though was a customer asking Paul, who plays Pip, for help, and him saying, 'Er, I'm an actor'.

... and I must admit sneaking off today during a lighting setup to watch a bit of Ghostbusters upstairs in the cinema. Well, it's been such an influence on CrimeFighters and other stuff I've made that I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

My new obsession is colour coding the script to show what we've shot and what's left to do - red for done, green for not done - and I'm pleased to report that the reds are winning.

One more day!

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