Monday, 17 August 2009

Day Seven, Filmmaking Heaven

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... yes.

Tonight was the yin to last night's yang... or is that the other way around? I dunno, I'll Wiki it later. Anyway, tonight we filmed in the beautiful Purple Haze vintage clothing shop which doubles as Daisy's shop in the film.

What a change from the night before.

No townies, no idiots, no stress, no time limit, the crew were brilliant, the actors were hilarious and occasionally moving, and the whole shoot reminded me exactly why I became a filmmaker. Some truly genius moments of comedy gold and some beautifully artistic shots, gush gush. Everyone was very quiet on the set and yet again this was a completely new experience as every day on this shoot has been. Only more so.

We're nearly halfway through the shoot and although we have a very tough week ahead of us, we have a few new members of crew and we're more than ready ready to rock and roll.

Plus, you can't beat a McDonald's breakfast at 7am after a 12 hour shoot...

And thanks to the legendary Mr. Carl Hetherington for ferrying us and the kit about. The man stayed up all night to come pick us up at 6 am, and we're eternally grateful. Kiss kiss.


Daniel said...

Last night, we passed a bunch of people stood outside PH with a fricking great big light – I guessed it'd be something to do with you!

Miles said...

Yeah that was our fault, we got the usual 'Lights, camera, action!' kind of stuff from passers by. You always get the same thing...