Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Day 8: More Pro than Guerilla

Another night in the pub and another great scene filmed, although we did take a long time to get there what with dolly track problems and complicated lighting setups. But only because it was worth getting right. And that's what made tonight's shoot feel pro rather than guerilla; it was slow, considered, crafted, and a whole lot of fun.

We were filming the first scene in which we meet our heroes for the first time, before they become heroes. It's a snug little pub scene that introduces us to Ella, Pip and Daisy, their predicaments and their characters. And they looked and felt just right, so the meticulous lighting and framing was crucial. It gets us right into the centre of the three friends and kicks off their adventures.

During filming tonight I had another of those lovely moments where you get to sit down with the actors and soak in the fact that all those 'Making Of' film documentaries I watched when I was a child were the seed that led me to doing all this. I'm in the middle of my own movie 'Making Of'.

Earlier today we also filmed a scene in which some friends of mine played a local gang, made even more amusing by the fact that real gangs kept walking through the shot. Life passing art on the street and one not even knowing they were being parodied.

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