Friday, 14 August 2009

Scenes From a Professional Guerilla Film Shoot

That's what we've decided this film is. A high level of professionalism you'd associate with a Hollywood production, and a sense of chaos and serendipity that smacks of that Clerks school of filmmaking.

Day 3
saw us head to the pub (right day this time) to film a pub fight, and at first I was worried because we didn't really have enough extras to make it work, but some excellent herding work from Steve and Tony meant that suddenly about 30 people had been corralled off the street and into the pub. And my god, believe me when I tell you that you will not be disappointed by the CrimeFighters pub fight scene. Moving into the courtyard we continued the sequence...

So, this is what we see...

...and this is what the camera sees after our cinematography team work their magic.

Our tireless and dedicated crew:

Emma looking way cool.

After wrapping at 8am (yes...) we went home for a massive 5 hours sleep before meeting up again to film Day 4's scenes, which were in an alley next to Pizza Hut, so we had power and pizzas all evening. We started with a scene in a courtyard...

...then got some utterly beautiful film noir-esque shots of a fight in the alley. Pics to come soon.

Day 5 saw us head to St. Martin's Church for some of the hideout scenes, well another fight actually, and here are some highlights:

This is the deadly talented Jenni. Words fail me how completely awesome this girl is at what she does. It's thanks to her and the camera crew that every shot of this film is beautifully composed.

The formidable Tall Paul. I say formidable as in the Spanish, 'formi-DA-ble', although Ad's cautious face here says it all. You don't mess with the T-ness of P-ness.

And finally, our excellent Lead Thug Rami, who's come up from London, wrapped his scenes today with a spectacular fight scene with Emma. She can actually kick his ass. It's Joss Whedon syndrome; tiny yet powerful girl kicks shit out of burly bloke. On rollerblades, no less.

I'm not going to go all gushy yet, but this is the most tremendous film crew I've had the pleasure to work with, and so many aren't mentioned here... yet! From the runners to the sound crew to the young ladies who make the biscuits (we all know who I'm talking about here), you are awesome. More to come. Viva CrimeFighters!

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