Thursday, 20 August 2009

Day 11: York Minster & More Alleys

So much of CrimeFighters takes place up dark alleys that they're starting to feel like a second home to me. Nothing says 'vigilante action movie' like a smoky alley with pools of light stretching off into the distance, and the CrimeFighters crew have become experts at lighting them for our heroes to kick ass in.

Started off the day in York Minster though, which was phenomenal to film in, an absolutely daunting and humbling experience. Thanks to Kendal for sorting that.

After squeezing some amazing shots out of the two hours we had in there, we returned to Precentor's Court next to the Minster to shoot in the alley where a mugging had taken place earlier in the film (and the shoot) and ended up taking a good 7 hours to shoot a key scene between our heroine Ella and her ex-boyfriend police officer Ethan.

It was a scene we had to get right as it carries some emotional wallop and a good snog and a hearty slap, so of course we made them do it about three thousand times. But once again, a terrific scene and one in which I really got to see what the actors could do emotionally, not to mention physically. Sorry Harry.

After the nice leisurely pace of that scene, we leapt straight into guerilla mode as we shot elements of the alley fight we'd started last week, but only had two hours in the location before we lost power for the night, so had to move fast. Look at this crazy bunch of people in an alley...

A really amazing day of filming, from guerilla to pro and back again in the course of a 16-hour shoot day. And all on 3 hours' sleep too.

Onto Days 12 and 13, and interiors for 2 days! Woo!

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Teresa Stenson said...

Really enjoying reading all this, Miles, and can't wait to see the film. And you! Stranger danger.