Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Day 15: Wrap Day.

Well, we did it. So the answer to the question 'Can you shoot a micro-budget feature film in 2 weeks?' is 'Nearly'. We have about 80% of the film in the can and are returning to shoot pickups (stuff we didn't get) for a few days in October.

We started the morning very rushed at Borders, then had the day off to return to the pub to film a scene in the courtyard. It was weird being in the pub but not using the bar area.

We got a nice long scene in the pub at quite a leisurely pace, which was perfect because I don't think anyone was physical or mentally capable of much else at this stage, speaking for myself anyway.

As usual we had some loyal crew around to be extras... although lesbians and drag queens is not quite what we had in mind.

The most surprising thing about filming overnight in the summer is how quickly night...

...becomes day.

More later. Sleep now. It's been real.

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